Netsimco teams up with Rite Solutions and is awarded $49.6M Naval Undersea Warfare Center Contract

NETSIMCO as a subcontractor to Rite-Solutions is part of an exclusive team that has secured a $49.6M contract to provide information technology services to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

Netsimco will contribute to the support of NUWC’s activity chief information officer/information technology division, which handles compliance, maintenance, operations and strategic planning of the center’s IT architecture.

The contract covers delivery of services such as application management, software engineering, client and Navy Marine Corps Intranet support and IT governance.

Netsimco’s team members hold cybersecurity or computer science degrees and security and operating system certifications. Our people are fully qualified as per the Navy’s cyber IT/cybersecurity workforce requirements.

Under this contract, NETSIMCO will contribute to the facilitation of IT support for NUWC offices in Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, the Bahamas and Connecticut.