Netsimco Wins Follow-On Contract for Naval War College Support

Netsimco, along with Rite-Solutions, Valiant, and GDIT as their subcontractors, has won the $59M follow-on contract to continue support of the U.S. Naval War College.  CEO, Michael Waite, credits each member of the Netsimco NWC Team for their hard work, dedication, and efforts in selection for this contract award. The Netsimco team looks forward to continuing its 20-year relationship with NWC for an additional five years.

Netsimco Continues IT Support at Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport.

Netsimco will continue to support NUWC as part of the Rite-Solutions Team! Rite-Solutions was recently awarded a $23.5-million, five-year IT services contract and will support NUWC’s Activity Chief Information Officer (ACIO)/Information Technology (IT) Division, which is responsible for managing and maintaining the Center’s voice, and data computer networks, including network backbone architecture for services such as email, web-based applications, database applications, file storage, and printing services.


On Wednesday 25 November 20, Netsimco was notified that we were awarded a prime contract to support technology efforts at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Keyport facility in Washington State.  Our subcontractors are Rite-Solutions, SAIC, American Systems and Global Insight.  We will provide Information Technology, Systems Engineering and Software Development and Testing Services.  This SeaPort-NxG Task Order N0025321F3001 is valued at $70,566,707.00 and could be supported by over 90 on-site contractors.  This “Team Netsimco” proposal effort was led by Tom Rossi,  Abbey Addams, and Stephanie Auslander.   Great Job everyone!

Netsimco and the Naval War College Faculty Step Up to Assist U.S. Northern Command Planning Effort During COVID-19

A nine-person Naval War College and Netsimco team spent the month of April conducting conceptual planning for how the Defense Department might respond in various scenarios – natural disasters and other crises – if the nation’s maritime supply chain is disrupted and nation’s federal agencies are potentially overburdened by the COVID-19 response.

U.S. Northern Command reached out to the military services for assistance, as the command’s planning experts were operating at maximum capacity. In turn, the Navy staff contacted the Naval War College. Other military services took part in parallel contingency efforts, resulting in four planning teams operating in think tanks and strategic studies groups representing the Navy and Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force.

The Naval War College team – drawn from the College of Maritime Operational Warfare and the College of Leadership and Ethics – coordinated on a daily basis with the Coast Guard and focused on issues that might affect transportation on the seas.

The joint Naval War College-Coast Guard planning team started working in early April and delivered results to Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, NORTHCOM commander, on April 24.

The Naval War College faculty members and the Netsimco Team said it was gratifying to answer the call to help with COVID.

Netsimco Accounting System Approved

The DCAA recently completed an extensive audit of Netsimco’s accounting system. No significant discrepancies were found in this audit which took several months. DCMA issued a Letter of Approval for our Accounting System in April 2020.

Netsimco Wins Information Resources Department contract at USNWC

Netsimco, along with Rite-Solutions as their subcontractor, has won the follow-on contract for the U.S. Naval War College Information Resources Department (IRD). This new contract provides continued support to the Naval War College for an additional four years. CEO, Michael Waite, credits each member of the Netsimco IRD Team for their hard work, dedication, and efforts in selection for this contract award. The Netsimco team looks forward to continuing this relationship with our government customer.

Netsimco Awarded Five Additional Years at UWDC TAG

On September 16th, 2019, Netsimco was awarded a five-year contract to continue support of the Tactical Analysis Group (TAG) at the Groton, CT Undersea Warfighting Development Center (UWDC). Netsimco has provided support at TAG since August 1st, 2016, including technical support and software development, planning and execution of tactical development exercises, and classified analysis and operational research critical to subsurface mission areas. UWDC TAG will continue to grow in their work to shape future tactical capabilities of the submarine force.

Netsimco Continues Web Support at U.S. Naval War College

On September 17th, 2019, Netsimco was awarded three additional years of work to support the U.S. Naval War College’s (NWC) Web Services Department. Netsimco has supported the effort to redesign and re-host NWC’s website since September 16th, 2016. This contract award will allow Netsimco to continue exemplary work in software development and maintenance for all departments and their externally facing web sites at NWC.

Netsimco in Alabama

Netsimco is part of a team led by General Dynamics Information Technology that was recently awarded a multi-million-dollar contract to provide support to the Navy Systems Support Group (NSSG) and their program management responsibility for the Facilities and Equipment Maintenance (FEM) system throughout the DoD. Specifically, Netsimco will be supporting the USAF with senior functional analysts in Montgomery, Alabama.

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