Netsimco and the Naval War College Faculty Step Up to Assist U.S. Northern Command Planning Effort During COVID-19

A nine-person Naval War College and Netsimco team spent the month of April conducting conceptual planning for how the Defense Department might respond in various scenarios – natural disasters and other crises – if the nation’s maritime supply chain is disrupted and nation’s federal agencies are potentially overburdened by the COVID-19 response. U.S. Northern Command reached out to the military services for assistance, as the command’s planning experts were operating at maximum capacity. In turn, the Navy staff contacted the Naval War College. Other military services took part in parallel contingency efforts, resulting in four planning teams operating in think tanks and strategic studies groups representing the Navy and Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force. The Naval War College team – drawn from the College of Maritime Operational Warfare and the College of Leadership and Ethics – coordinated on a daily basis with the Coast Guard and focused on issues that might affect transportation on the seas. The joint Naval War College-Coast Guard planning team started working in early April and delivered results to Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, NORTHCOM commander, on April 24. The Naval War College faculty members and the Netsimco Team said it was gratifying to answer the call to help with COVID.

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